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Your source of relief from a Sore Back, Muscle Inflammation, and Stiff Joints!

Introducing the world’s first Acupressure Insoles

MindInsole insoles provide a relaxing, sensational experience with every step you take. Designed to alleviate leg, and back pain and promote a well-balanced lifestyle; MindInsole is the easiest change you can make for a healthier, happier you.

MindInsole isn’t just for pain and stress, many people wear MindInsole to boost energy, promote blood circulation, and for comfort when standing for long periods of time. Whatever your foot concerns are, MindInsole can help.

  • Target areas of your body through magnetic therapy and acupressure points:
    • 12 large acupoints to support your foot’s arch and the body’s core
    • 120 medium acupoints to stimulate reflexes
    • 270 small acupoints that promote nutrient-rich blood flow
    • 5 magnets are strategically placed to relieve pain when on the key reflex points
  • Relieves pain - Slip MindInsole into your shoes for pain-relieving pressure and stimulation that alleviates soreness in your feet and legs.
  • Reduces stress - Feel more relaxed throughout the day with MindInsoles' gentle massage and acupressure.
  • Boosts energy – Wear MindInsole to boost your energy with magnet therapy and stimulation.
  • Trim to fit! - MindInsole insoles are one-size-fits-all all and can be trimmed to fit. They can be transferred into any type of shoe and are made of breathable material so you can wear them all day without odor or moisture.

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Here’s Why Customers Love MindInsole…

Barbara Harmon

“Wonderful Insoles”

These insoles have worked wonders on the way my legs and feet feel after shopping.  My legs do not ache at all.  This is wonderful for me.  I am a senior citizen and have lots of aches and pains from old age.  Now I do not dread going to the large stores and doing my weekly shopping.

Patricia Estey


I really liked the insoles.  They made it a lot easier to walk around all day and I
did notice that my back felt better.  Good job!!

Paulene Wild

“Took a While”

It took quite a while for me to become comfortable with these because of the way they are made; however, once I did become accustomed to them, I really liked them.  They helped
ease the pain I was experiencing in my legs.

Clint Pazdera

“Easy relief for your feet”

I suffer from plantar fasciitis and since wearing MindInsole inserts my feet feel great. It takes a little while to get used to wearing them as it feels like your shoe is filled with sand. Your feet are constantly being massaged and the blood is circulating. I bought 3 pairs and have put them in my everyday shoes, my golf shoes, and my sneakers. Great product.

Walk Away Your Pain with MindInsoles!

The Only Insoles Proven to relieve Foot, Leg, and Back Pain

100% Satisfaction Guarantee! 

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